Crash & Burn Stories

An Original Feature Film

1. Day One: A Cool June Morning


I stared out the basement window of my 1940s American bungalow. I watched the cool June morning give way to daylight. My wife and six-month-old son were sleeping, comfortably tangled up in a mess of sheets and covers on our queen-sized bed. I felt propelled with the approval of fate. I kissed the foreheads of my wife and sleeping child and walked away, knowing that my every step was exactly where I needed to be.

The path I had set out was simple: make a movie. And now it was coming true. All the wondering, pondering, and worry over money, talent and the like, a footnote; principal photography was only hours away.

Up the stairs of this 1,700 square foot home, past the kitchen and on to the living room. It was our set for Crash & Burn Stories, our idea factory, and my family’s home for the next nine days. I was ready.


Through the door walked a drowsy Andy Carrasco, cinematographer, producer and frankly more credits for C&BS than I can count. He was tired but eager to get started on a path that was unfamiliar to us both.

Over the next days, every question and every idea for this project would pass through Andy or me; placement, lighting, sound. We were a two-man crew assisted by a sixteen-year-old intern. We had eighty-four pages to shoot in five full days and three half-days. The excitement seemed bigger than us. Andy went to work readying the equipment, and I went to work studying the pages we were about to shoot.

For day one, the goal was thirteen pages. Those pages would prove to be a hard-learned but valuable lesson in filmmaking. More edifying than my eight years in commercial production, my first day on the set of C&BS will be with me for the rest of my filmmaking career.

Day One –To Be Continued....

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