Crash & Burn Stories

An Original Feature Film

Crash & Burn Stories follows a young Alex Montgomery as he grapples with his mother over her engagement to an aging drunken misogynist while falling for his future stepsister.

Written, directed, and produced by R.W. Perkins, shot in Fort Collins, CO, Crash & Burn Stories is comprised entirely of a Colorado cast & crew. Featuring the incredible talents of D.P. & co-producer Andy Carrasco of S.C Films. Starring Conner Greenhalgh, Elena Rose Davis, Elizabeth Telling, R. J. Wagner, Andrea Dratch and Penny Dockins. Music Composed by Greth David Ligon.

Alex (Conner Greenhalgh) is rudely awakened by his mother Beverly (Elizabeth Telling) and her boyfriend, a foul mouthed lush, Conway Edwards  (R.J. Wagner), only to find an attractive stranger, Lottie Edwards (Elena Rose Davis), lounging in his front yard. The day takes a nasty turn when Alex discovers Beverly's engagement to Conway and that the “attractive stranger” may be his future stepsister.  This dramatic tale will pull you in and never let you go, as emotions run high, low, and sometimes laugh out loud funny.  

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